Prayer Points for July 1-15

Dear Global Intercessory Prayer Member,The world seems to becoming smaller with each news bulletin. Terrorists continue to organize operations against their own government and other countries. Let us pray especially for the children of these countries; so many are being taught hatred. Pray Psalm 91 for the protection of women and children from sex traffickers. May the Lord teach us how to release His love for all people everywhere according to John 3:16.

Visit for more information on the following countries.

Prayer Assignments for July 1-15:

Day 1—Iraq (Asia) – Pray for new government…for peace…that freedom will reign. It is reported that Some 40,000 Iraqi and US troops were put on the streets just after dawn, a day after President Bush flew into Baghdad and met PM Nouri Maliki. Pray for the protection of the Iraqis and the military.
Day 2—Ireland (Europe) – Pray that the wounds and divisions in Irish society might be healed and the whole of Ireland be at peace.
Day 3-4—Israel (Asia) – Pray for the nation’s spiritual restoration through Messiah Jesus (Romans 11:25-31). Go to to pray the Prayer for Israel from Prayers That Avail Much Commemorative Edition.
Day 5-7—Italy (Europe) – Pray for the removal of the multiple strongholds (barriers) that conceal a true understanding of the gospel.
Day 8—Jamaica (Latin America) – Pray that government and church leaders may have the courage, moral integrity and determination to turn the country back from sin and darkness to the Light of the Gospel, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins…(Acts 26:18).
Day 9-12—Japan (Asia) – Pray for new leaders, writers and evangelists to communicate God’s Truth in the 21st Century…cost of living is very high…pray that God will supply the needs of foreign missionaries.
Day 13—Jordan (Asia) – Pray that Christians may be salt and light in Jordanian society, and may find ways to witness to nominal Christians as well as non-Christians.
Day 14-15—Kazakhstan (Asia) – Pray that long-held prejudices and spiritual bondages might be broken and religious tyranny avoided.

Remember Job when you are praying (read Job 42). When he prayed for his friends, God turned his captivity. Is there anything that you need today from our Father; is there anything that you need Him to turn around? Jesus said to ask you and shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.

I include you in my prayers every day.

Loving in Jesus’ Name,
Your Prayer Partner


One Response to “Prayer Points for July 1-15”

  1. Cecil J Barnette Says:

    I pray today as the new year is upon us, that men everywhere will see the real need for Jesus in their lives. That they will come together beyond races, creeds and colors, religious beliefs and customs to seek those who are lost, (mostly men) and turn the world around as we work through our families in our love for Christ. God must move in the context of the male for he is the head, God wants to move in that order, so its important that men come forward, all the way, and put aside every yoke that so easily besets us……pornography, greed, hate, covetness, hard-headedness, the “I” syndrome, self-righetousness, and our unwillingness to listen to our mates and children. Lord be our guide in body, soul and mind; for we wish to give you glory always,

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