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Prayer Assignments for July 1-7

June 30, 2010


We are preparing to celebrate another birthday of this great nation of America. During this month we will remember other nations in prayer who have their independence as well as those who are still praying and fighting for a different future for themselves and their families. The Word of God is true and we pray based on its promise that:

“…If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land…” II Chron. 7:14 (Amp.) 

1. Iraq: The international community has made Iraq a pariah among nations. The effects have been devastating but have not ended the power of the ruling elite.

Pray for the following issues:

a) Wisdom for the UN and world leaders in balancing retribution and humanitarian needs and in application of sanctions.

b) A viable, indigenous alternative government to arise that unites and rebuilds the shattered country. There are no clearly visible options.

c) Adequate material and social help for the million or more refugees in Iran (150,000), Jordan (350,000), Turkey and the West.

d) The provision of the needs of children and young people. One million children are suffering from chronic malnutrition and 300,000 were estimated to have died from sanctions-related causes in the 1990s. The UN ‘oil-for-aid’ program has, though inadequate, somewhat alleviated the situation.

2. Ireland: Ireland has long been one of the great missionary-sending countries of the world – from the early Celtic Church onwards. Many Catholic and Protestant missionaries have gone to the ends of the earth. Catholic numbers are falling from the high of 7,085 foreign missionaries in 1965 to 3,884 in 1994.

Pray for the release, training and funding of more Irish missionaries and leaders by evangelical churches and fellowships.

Ireland is a young country, with half its population under 28 years old. Their spiritual need is underlined by the dramatic rise in suicides, unwed mothers and marriage breakdowns. They are responsive to the gospel. Christian camps are run by Scripture Union (with some 2-3,000 children per year), CEF, BCM International, the Faith Mission and others. IFES-Ireland has an island-wide ministry in 25 colleges and universities. There is an increasing openness in Dublin to presenting the gospel by street drama and sketch board.

Pray that more of Ireland’s young people may come to know Jesus, who is The Truth as this new spiritual openness is also being tapped by many cults.

3-4. Israel: Animosity against Christianity is a barrier to be overcome in Jewish minds. ‘Christian’ nations are seen to be destroyers of the Jewish nation whether by persecution (as in the Holocaust) or by proselytization.

Pray that the gospel may be understood as a fulfillment of their Jewish heritage and that a widespread turning to their Messiah might come.

Pray also that all attempts to limit freedom of religion and to deny the Jewish identity of Messianic believers may fail.

The intense half-century of conflict between Arabs and Israelis urgently needs resolution. Both sides lay claim to the land.

Pray for a just, lasting and adequately guaranteed settlement.

Pray for the current upheaval regarding Israel’s right to defend itself as well as the fallout from the recent raid of the ship caring humanitarian aid.

5-7. Italy: This great and gifted nation has decisively affected Western and world culture in legal systems (Roman law), language (Latin), culture (Renaissance art, music), and innovation (clothes, cars), yet is in deep spiritual need. After the fourth century collapse of the Western Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church became a political as well as a spiritual power, deeply impacting the politics of Europe, the Muslim World (the Crusades) and Italy itself. The Church’s temporal power, though reduced since 1870, was in conflict with its spiritual responsibilities – destabilizing, dividing and impoverishing Italy in the process. Most Italians are Catholic in culture, but deeply cynical about the Church.

Pray for the removal of the multiple barriers that conceal a true understanding of the gospel.

Protestantism has had an 800-year history in Italy. The world’s oldest Protestant denomination, the Waldensian Church, began in north Italy, but was subjected to terrible persecution for centuries. Italian Catholic bishops officially apologized for this in 1997. The Waldensian Church is now in federal union with the Methodists and some Baptists but rather influenced by deadening liberal theology. The Protestant witness is weak and divided, especially between the growing Pentecostal majority and non-Pentecostal minority. New churches are often begun through bitter splits rather than strategic church planting. Most congregations are small, introspective and largely ignorant of the biblical challenge to missions and the few large congregations in the south are committed to ‘prosperity’ teaching.

Pray for revival that breaks down barriers of individualism, mistrust and doctrinal extremes and leads to cooperative outreach.

Once again I want to thank you for joining us as we cover the earth with our prayers. May you know the peace and joy of the Lord as you continue to serve Him through your intercession.


Lane M. Holland, M.Div.

Prayer Coordinator

Word Ministries


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Daily Prayer for July 1

June 30, 2010

Prayer of Affirmation

Father, I thank You for helping me as I enlarge the place of my tent and strengthen my stakes. In You there is hope for despair. In You there is stability for turmoil. In You there is prosperity for poverty. In You there is health and healing for sickness. In You there is peace for conflict, whether it is in a relationship, in my home, or in my land. In You, Lord Jesus, is well-being for every area of life! Hallelujah! Thank You Holy Spirit for divinely orchestrating every aspect of my life! Jesus is Lord over my spirit, soul and body, and over my relationships. Amen

Scripture Reading
Isaiah 54:2-3 (NIV)

Daily Prayer for June 30

June 29, 2010

Resurrection Life
Would you want to go back to your old life? I would never want to go back to a life of depression and fear. I didn’t like myself and the guilt of sin was almost more than I could bear. I can’t count the times I turned over a new leaf only to have it wither and die. On the day I encountered Jesus I passed from death to life. When you receive Jesus, He will make you your true self—your child-of-God self (John 1:12 The Message). Depression gives way to happiness and joy; self-hatred gives way to the love of God and for God. You learn to [habitually] live and behave in newness of life; this is resurrection power at work in you to make your ordinary life extraordinary. Hold your head high; don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from his perspective. Your old life is dead. Your new life, which is your real life—even though invisible to spectators—is with Christ in God. He is your life. (Colossians 3 The Message).

Lord Jesus, you are the resurrection and the life. Your resurrection power is in me, and I am appointed and anointed by you to abound in eternal work for your Kingdom. My victory is assured as I walk uprightly before you. No good thing will you withhold from me! I am accomplishing great exploits for your kingdom, and the best is yet to come, in Jesus’ name! Amen.

Scripture Reading
John 11:25
Psalm 84:11
1 Corinthians 15:58 Living Bible

Daily Prayer for June 29

June 28, 2010

Faith for Finances
One of the most frequent prayer requests we receive concerns finances. Are you in debt and wondering how you will ever get out? Do you tithe: do you give? Our God is able to make all grace and earthly blessings come to you in abundance. You have choices; continue present spending habits, or change by believing God’s promises and releasing your faith. Your faith requires action: cut up credit cards, resist advertising that appeals to your emotions. Get financial counseling. A good friend of mine, Zoe Hicks and her husband, proved God by tithing when they were in need, and He opened the windows of heaven. In her book, Dream Catcher, Zoe writes: Whether we are head over heels in debt, striving to reach a financial goal for a future need, in need of money to fulfill a God-given vision, or seeking to use our money creatively to help those who are less fortunate, faith is a powerful ally. Get into the pattern of spending less than you earn and use the excess to pay down debt. Keep seeing yourself as debt free and imagining how great you will feel when you get there. Expect ideas to come to you on how to spend less or earn more or both. (Zoe M. Hicks, Dream Catcher: The Power of Faith, Muncie Indiana, Prayer Point Press, pg. 147

Father, it seems that we never have enough. But I’m here today to ask you to deliver me from financial bondage – from this debt that I’ve accumulated over the years. Forgive me for robbing you of my tithe, and I admit that I’ve been so consumed with my own needs that I haven’t thought about blessing anyone else. I release my faith in You asking the Holy Spirit to help me stand by your promise to supply all my need according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus. You are a very present help in trouble, and You are more than enough. I submit to the constant ministry of transformation by the Holy Sprit, and purpose to pray for others who are in debt. Just as you did for Job, you will turn this captivity, and bless me that I might be a blessing to others. In the name of Jesus, I worship You only, and I will have no other gods before me. Amen.

Scripture Reading
Malachi 3:8-12
Psalm 56:1
Philippians 4:19
Luke 6:38
2 Corinthians 9:8
Job 42

Daily Prayer for June 28

June 27, 2010

Called to Fellowship
Fellowship with Jesus and sweet communion with the Holy Spirit opens your eyes so you can see God as a loving Father. Your view of God is usually formed by your perception of your natural father. If you grew up with a punitive, emotionally isolated dad you may see God the same way. If your dad was never there for you, or if he expected perfection and made no allowances for mistakes, that is probably your image of God. When you fellowship with Jesus, you will get a different image of your Heavenly Father. This God who made you wants you to know His character, and His plans for your life. When you fellowship with Jesus through the Scriptures you come to know this God and can be filled with His fullness. The Holy Spirit is your Teacher and He takes the things of Jesus and reveals them unto you. Jesus went about doing good and healing all those who were oppressed by the devil (Acts 10:38). He did what His Father does, and He says what His Father says. Jesus is a true representative of the Father; to know Jesus is to know the Father.

God, you called me into fellowship with your Son Jesus Christ my Lord and you are faithful. You called me to this through the gospel that I might share in the glory of my Lord Jesus Christ. You saved me and chose me for this holy work not because I deserved it but because that was Your plan long before the world began–to show Your love and kindness to me through Christ Jesus. Thank You for calling me; You are faithful to confirm Your word with signs and wonders for Your glory. I love You, my Lord God, with all my heart and with all my soul and with all my mind (intellect), and I shall love my neighbor as I do myself. Jesus, you are Lord! Amen

Scripture Reading
1 Corinthians 1:9
2 Thessalonians 2:14 (NIV)
2 Timothy 1:9 (Living)
1 Thessalonians 5:24 (NIV)

Daily Prayer for June 27

June 26, 2010

God Directs your Steps
God knew you before the foundation of the world, and He chose you to be His very own. He searched out your pathway, even your lying down. The Lord himself says that His thoughts and plans are for your welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. (Jeremiah 29:11) God is acquainted with all your ways, and has laid His hand upon you, and the writer of Psalm 139 asks: Where could you flee from the presence of the Spirit of God? You are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that you may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for you. You can choose to take the paths which He prepared ahead of time that you should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for you to live]. (Ephesians 2:10) Who would want to miss out on God’s plan? Commit your education, your career, your future to the Lord and He will direct your path.

O Lord, I know it is not within my power to map my life and plan my course. I commit my future plans to you – my education, whether I marry or remain single, my career, and my ministry. When I make a decision contrary to your will, correct me with justice, and lead me in paths of righteousness for your name’s sake. Thank you, Lord for directing my steps. Just as a mother and father are thrilled when their children take their first steps, You delight in each step I take. When I walk, my steps will not be hampered; when I run, I will not stumble in the name of Jesus. Amen

Scripture Reading
Proverbs 16:9 (NIV)
Jeremiah 10:23 (Living)
Psalm 37:23 (Living)
Proverbs 4:12 (NIV)

Daily Prayer for June 26

June 25, 2010

Where Can you Go?
When Adam sinned he moved from Eden, the garden of light, into spiritual darkness. He was estranged from his Maker. There was no way for him to find his way back. Fear controlled him as he tried to make it on his own. He had no hope, and was in the world without God. BUT GOD! He had a plan to bring his children back to Himself; He sent Jesus to take away the sins of the world. Jesus is the Way to the Father, and you can be reconciled to God. You can choose salvation and become the righteousness of God in Christ. In Him you become a brand new creation; old things pass away and behold all things become new! Where there was fear, now there is faith – faith in an awesome God whose plan for man’s salvation is available to all who will call upon the name of the Lord. Where can you go but to the Lord!

Lord, you are my shield, my glory, and my only hope. You alone can lift my head, now bowed in shame. I cried out to the Lord, and he heard me from his Holy Temple. Then I lay down and slept in peace and woke up safely, for the Lord was watching over me. And now, although ten thousand enemies surround me on every side, I am not afraid. Salvation comes from God. Jesus is my Lord! What joys he gives to all his people. Amen

Scripture Reading
Psalm 3:3-8 (Living)

Daily Prayer for June 25

June 24, 2010

How Big is Your God?
Are you acquainted with this awesome God who wants you to know Him intimately? Think about the wondrous things He has done beginning with the beauty of the earth. Hear the sounds of heaven released in the nighttime as the creatures of the earth make a symphony to the Lord. Who is like our God? Consider the bright light of a full moon as it shines through the oak trees creating playful shadows; twinkling stars announcing that our God rides on the wings of the wind. Hush, don’t you hear them singing the song of the Lord? Yet you and I sing a song that they cannot sing – the song of the redeemed! Isn’t you heart overwhelmed with the awesomeness of God? Just think the Creator is your God, your Lord, and your Savior! There is none who can compare to Him. He is a big God, yet He is small enough to live within your heart, even the heart of a child. Who is like unto our God?

Who among the gods is like you, O Lord? Who is like you–majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders? Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand, or with the breadth of his hand marked off the heavens? Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket, or weighed the mountains on the scales and the hills in a balance? You are magnificence, a big God, yet you have taken your place in my heart. You abide in me and I abide in You. Your righteousness reaches to the skies, O God. You have done great things. Who, O God, is like unto you? You are my Lord and Savior, Creator of the heavens and earth. You are a big God – more than enough to help me in any situation. Oh, my God – you went before me and prepared the pathway that I am to walk. I love you with my whole heart, soul and mind. Amen

Scripture Reading
Exodus 15:11 (NIV)
Isaiah 40
Psalm 71:19 (NIV)

Daily Prayer for June 24

June 23, 2010

Our God Reigns
Does God have freedom to reign in your life? He stands at the door and knocks waiting for you to open the door. At your invitation He will come to the table and eat with you. Then you can take Him on a tour of your tri-level house. You are spirit, soul and body. Your spirit is a partaker of the Father’s divine nature, but your soul is saved through the engrafted Word of God. The sovereign Lord will walk with you through the corridors of your soul waiting for you to unlock the doors that protect emotional wounds, fears, self-centeredness, resentment and unforgiveness. As you open each door He heals all your diseases and forgives all your iniquities. Give Him permission to take control. He will bind up and heal your brokenness, and you will discover that you are complete in Him. Prophesy and declare over yourself: my God reigns! The choice is yours.

Heavenly Father, You are the Lord of my life. You made my spirit the candle of the Lord that searches out my innermost being, and I submit to the Holy Spirit who searches my heart and He knows your will for my life. Everything is exposed to your Word, and I submit to the constant ministry of transformation by the Holy Spirit. Thank You for healing all my hurts, fulfilling all my needs and for helping me process and resolve all issues perfectly with the Word of God. I choose this day to submit to your Lordship and declare with confidence: my God reigns over my life! Amen

Scripture Reading
Luke 4:18
Proverbs 20:27
Romans 8:26-27
Hebrews 4:12-13

Daily Prayer for June 23

June 22, 2010

Affirmation of Confidence
There was a time that I had no self-confidence. Self-condemnation and self-doubt whirled in my head and played havoc with my life. I thought that I was a failure going somewhere to happen, and it seemed that I constantly made wrong decisions. I read books on self-improvement, but decided they didn’t apply to me. This belief sabotaged everything I set out to do, and I heaped more condemnation on myself. BUT GOD! He helped me turn my life around, and because He had forgiven me I chose to forgive and accept myself. I faced my issues and with the help of the Holy Spirit resolved them one at a time. I began affirming aloud the Lord is my confidence and I am self-confident and self-assured. He is my sufficienty and I can make wise decision because when I pray my Lord gives me wisdom and strength. If I make a mistake He is bigger and He can turn it around. My life has never been the same.

Lord, You are my confidence and will keep my foot from being caught in a trap or hidden danger. I have returned to you and waited for you and I am saved; in quietness and confidence is my strength. In Christ and through faith in him I approach God with freedom and confidence, and I will not throw away my confidence; it will be richly rewarded in the name of Jesus. Amen

Scripture Reading
Proverbs 3:26 (NIV)
Isaiah 30:15 (Living)
Ephesians 3:12 (NIV)
Hebrews 10:35 (NIV)