Germaine Griffin Copeland is the founder and president of Word Ministries, Inc., based in historic Roswell, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Word Ministries is a teaching and prayer ministry, offering practical prayer instruction, personal prayer support and life-transforming guidance to other believers worldwide. Germaine’s teaching leads others into an intimate relationship with the Father-God as they learn to pray the powerful and effective Scriptural prayers that brought her to a place of victory in Christ Jesus.Germaine’s training began in 1968, after her unique encounter with God. At that time, she was searching diligently for truth and battling depression. She had decided that she was a mistake and was tormented by suicidal thoughts. Out of the depths of her despair, she called upon the name of the Lord and the Light of God’s presence illuminated the room where she was sitting.

It was in that moment that she experienced the warmth of God’s love and she felt brand new. She discovered a motivation for living – life had purpose. As she became more intimately acquainted with Jesus, she discovered her true personality, and her destiny unfolded. Living in the presence of God she has found love and acceptance, healing for crippled emotions, contentment that overcomes depression, peace in the midst of adverse circumstances, and grace for developing healthy relationships.

To date, over 4 million copies of the Prayers That Avail Much® book series have been sold, and are changing the way Christians pray. She believes that you can learn to pray confidently for things that concern you, your family and other prayer assignments. Through her fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit, she has become a woman of prayer and praise whose highest form of worship is the study of God’s Word.

Today her manuscripts include books of personal encounters with God, and newspaper and magazine articles to help others grow spiritually and emotionally. Germaine’s writings illustrate how to effectively pray for a loved one who is lost or hurting, how to know the difference between praying soulish and spiritual prayers, and how to pray in perfect agreement with God’s will.

Germaine excels in her God-given abilities as a Bible teacher, speaker and author. She travels nationally and internationally conducting prayer schools, speaking at churches, conferences, and other groups. Her commitment to serve God and to study His Word continues to expand the vision of her ministry. She helps others discover how to grow in grace and knowledge and live with new power, strength and victory as God promises.

Germaine is the daughter of the late Reverend A. H. “Buck” Griffin and Donnis Brock Griffin. She and her husband, Everette, have four children who live in the Atlanta area. Prayer assignments increase as grandchildren and great-grandchildren enlarge this family of believers.

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