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EL Writes

November 7, 2007

“I wrote you last year to agree with me in prayers for the Lord to lead and direct me and that I believe that I was suppose to live in the states. Well, am now in the states, Buford, Georgia to be exact,I have been here for 5 weeks tomorrow. God actually spelt out Atlanta for me and I believe and know that this is where am suppose to be and I also believe in my heart that before the end of this month, I will start the process of my papers in Jesus name, amen. My life has a meaning now, am here and alive for such a time as this. Thankyou for joining me in prayer and for your continue prayer support. God richly bless you all a hundred fold in Jesus name, amen.”

TG Writes

November 7, 2007

“My daughter was traveling on the freeway on August 13, 2007 in the HOV lane, going pretty fast. The car in which she was traveling did not have a working gas gauge. Her husband drove the car the night before. Long story short, she ran out of gas with her 2 children in the car along with her mother in law in the fastest lane on the freeway. She said she put her hands up to her mouth and starting praying “Dear LORD, PLEASE HELP ME.” She said as soon as she opened her eyes and looked in her rearview mirror, the DOT truck was bringing her gasoline from behind her car. She was not on the freeway for any length of time. She said “I knew the LORD would be there for me.” Test of faith. Always be faithful.

NS Writes

November 7, 2007

“About eleven years ago I had become involved with going through menopause and a very lonely difficult marriage. I at the time was Jewish and had no idea about the Lord. I became sick and got involved with voodoo, drinking and before I knew it my anger, and alcoholism had poisoned me to the point where in rehab they were sure I would not live. Some time before I entered rehab after a DUI, I prayed and prayed with the help of your books to save me and I would behave and live a better life and not drink again. I have kept that promise and also been celibate for 11 years as I have not been in a relationship of love. I have two wonderful children who have forgiven my 3 year bought of being crazy, I am respected in my line of work, have bought a home, and try to live a decent life. I guess the whole point of me writing this is that your prayer books do avail much, always have and I use them everyday to the point that they are frayed and pages are coming out, but I cherish them just the same. Thank you for your prayers and thank you to Jesus for being there for me always.”

TR Writes

November 7, 2007

“This is long overdue. It sounds trite to say how much your prayer books mean to me and my prayer life. My yellow and blue copies of the first editions of Volumes One and Two have been with my bible since 1990. I am brought to tears and humbled as I read through, literally my life, in those writings in the back of the volumes. I have written in the margins and have detailed prayer requests and answerson the blank pages. Your ministry has blessed me and my entire family. It has reached far into the world each time I passed on prayers and copies of your books.
Thank you.”

DA Writes

November 7, 2007

“Thank you Germaine for being the Lords instrument. Thank you for your daily prayer in a hectic life, and for always making me aware I can do nothing on my own but once I commune with my father he always brings me peace and shows me the way. Knowing that I am part of many praying for the youth of today, and other countries makes me grateful.”

UC Writes

November 7, 2007

“Thank you so much! After i wrote in my prayer requests pertaining to my Visa, miraculously by the mercies of God, I got my Visa and now i am studying in the UK.”

JH Writes

November 7, 2007

“Le doy muchas gracias a Dios ya que estaba pasnado por momentos duros econsmicamente y vivia lleno de intimidacion para los negocos y esaba en una libreria cristiana y encontre el libro de Oracones para Hombres de negocios y que experiencia mas grata Dios comenzo a librar batallas en mi mente y en mi negocio !Gloria a Dios El me dmo la victoria” 

Translation: “I give thanks to God. I was going through some hard times in my life and business. I went to a Christian library where I saw a book called Prayers that Avail Much for Business. I bought it and God has made many changes in my life and business. Glory to God!”

RE Writes

October 29, 2007

Praise God forever more! We are eternally grateful for Germaine’s ministering in the power of the Holy Ghost at World Harvest Church! Prophetically accurate words that continue to impact the lives of those on the receiving end! Hallelujah! HAHAHAHA! We pray that the Father would continue to pour out a blessing way beyond what you are able to contain.
In Jesus Name,

VL Writes

July 17, 2007

Brothers and sisters in Christ. My Name is Victor Lopez. Mexican 38 years old. married to a wonderful woman Yarina Lopez. I have three children Luis, Edtberg, Brandon and one little girl about to be born next June. since I got married Satan has been trying to destroy my marriage some days ago we had this difficult situation at the point to divorce. after we argued, my wife was asking the Lord to come down as show His power doing His will. at the same time I was praying God for a pray. I was at work in front of my computer. covering my face with my hands, very desperate and Praying for help. sudenly,the word Pray came to my mind and I went to the Internet seach prays. the result miracle prayers. then I looked up in Christian Miracle prayers and shown this Pray:”Intercession for a marriage in difficulties” As far as I started reading this I felt this strong necesity to send the whole pray in a telephone message to my wife. and I did it. when I finish reading the pray. after 10 minutes, my wife responded me that she love me and that the lord does not want us separated; but together fighting for His Holy name and for His porpose into our lives.
I want to thank you for been a real untioned and obedient daugther of God doing what He comands you to do for establish his kingdom on earth.
Please pray for a word of vision and mision of God to me and my family. Long time ago. I had this prophecy I was called to preach as an evangelist all over the world. now we do not have a church we are praying for one and we are willing to follow God´s will in the ministry he want for us.
May God bless you all. and your Prayers

PW Writes

July 17, 2007

I come first, giving thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus for
prayers answered. HE has given me employment, a position that I can continue
to spread GOD goodness in times of dispair and pain. I am so thankful…I
would like to thank you at PRAYERS that avail much word ministries for your
continued prayers and support. Thank you and thank GOD! Continue to keep me
lifted in prayer my road has just started over again…